About Us

Hi and welcome. My name is Calvin Roach and I'm 53 years old and married with 6 children. I am not a self help guru. Through my life's work as an insurance agent talking with thousands of people I discovered that there are a lot of us living on the brink. And what do I mean by that? Our problems have piled up so fast and as a result  we have come perilously close  to giving up. Worry and anxiety fuel an unhealthy lifestyle which in turn leads to some bad choices. I've been there. In 1998 I lost everything worthwhile in life. My life had spiraled out of control and I wanted to die. Fortunate for me there was a homeless shelter nearby that took me in and taught me a few simple rules during my 33 days there. My life slowly began to turn. With love and support from family, friends, and strangers I was able to start over. It was through my starting over that I made a solemn oath to help others who had lost their way or those who wanted a better life. Our website is part of that effort. Come along and grow with us on this wonderful journey! Ready to begin?